The Stoneface is a mixture of experiences, life stories, and an experiment in living and making music together!

We come from different places and our backgrounds are also different.

Eugene has sung and played both the trumpet and accordion since he was a child. Later, he learned to play the guitar so, his future seemed destined to involve music. However, his parents wanted him to have a more traditional career in banking. After graduating from university and working with Italian bankers in Russia, he decided to quit. For several years after that, he travelled around Europe busking and playing his own songs and covers.

Gleb has been connected to music since he was born. Being unable to walk, due to health troubles as a child, he spent those early years listening to music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The first footsteps he made were to the rhythms of rock ’n’ roll. Gleb’s grandfather was a professional brass player, teaching in the Belarusian Academy of Music. It was expected that Gleb would follow his footsteps into a career in music. When he was 12, a girl happened. He found the only way he could express his feelings was with his guitar — through music. Later he worked as a stage technician, sound engineer, guitar tech, and anything in between. Many years have passed, and the girl disappeared, but his love for the guitar remained.

Alex has been playing music since the age of 6. He started with the clarinet but switched to classical guitar at the age of 12. In high school, rock bands came into his life and never let him go. For several years, he lived in London where he met a number of very talented musicians who had a great influence on his music. He also studied philosophy and worked at many different jobs and occupations, but the constant in his life was his passion for music.

We don’t really have a consistent way to write a song. Every time we get together we create something new. It’s about catching the magic of a moment and translating it into music. We have a lot of raw material and we make new tunes every time we get together. Now, we are finally approaching the production stage — and feeling very excited!

The Stoneface